Leading approaches to entrepreneurship
and health care in Africa

Our Mission

Our primary objective is to improve lives in sub-Saharan Africa through innovative, high-impact, sustainable, context-appropriate solutions for businesses and health care.

Our secondary objective is to increase ties between sub-Saharan Africa and Florida by creating a network of like-minded individuals and facilitating donations, investments, and volunteers supporting sustainable businesses in health care.


What We Do


Advise, consult, and support African entrepreneurs, health care leaders, and SMEs

Provide coaching and best practice training to health care workers, administrators, and leadership, while building local management capacity for sustainable impact


Apply new, innovative approaches to improving health and economic development


Provide funding to small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Africa

Promote sub-Saharan Africa through speeches, articles, conferences

Create network of potential donors and facilitate ties to opportunities

How We Do It

Who We Target

We identify Africa-based organizations, entrepreneurs, and health care leaders aligned with FAF’s mission. We build relationships with organization leadership and take a hands-on approach to sharing knowledge and building long-term capabilities.  

Advise entrepreneurs and managers for long-term impact

We seek to transfer knowledge and best practice to local management so long-term capabilities are built and changes are sustained.

Innovative, pragmatic, context-appropriate interventions

We take global best practices and innovative new approaches and modify them to work in an African context.

Provide Catalytic Funding

We don’t simply provide or promote funding that will serve a short-term need, but prefer to fund initiatives with a path to sustainability. We want the impact of our work to last beyond our interactions and after the funding has been used, and for the organization to eventually fund itself.

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